Description and specification - Object class "A"

Storage and office space of 12,500 m2 for rent.

The interior of the warehouse can be higly customized. Therefore, it may be divided into seperate units and arranged freely, according to the fire, builing and other regulations. Office or socials modules can be easily built in. The design allows for building the mezzanine in where the office space may be located. Apart from the warehouse and office space, the parking and vehicle manoeuvre area is provided. Whole outdoor area has been prepared for heavy moving equipment.

  • 5 segments, 1980 m2 each
  • 1 segment 2630 m2
  • Each has social space built in
  • Storage height 10 m
  • floor carrying capacity 50 KN/m2
  • Certificated fire protection system
  • High flame resistance
  • By the reason of flexibility and functionality of the investment the maximum fire load density "Q" over 4000 MJ/m2 has been agreed (excluding the flameable materials)
  • Office space can be designed as mezzanine. That area is freely customizable.
  • Building is 204 m height and 55 m wide. The pillars are located every 12m
  • Minimum rent is 1 segment

Description and specification - Object class "B"